Watch as Simon reviews our Christopher Robin Box Set and gives his first Impressions.

Videos & REviews

The Hermit's Cave

Join Priscilla from @alifefullofsimplicity, Brittany from @cosmiclunarsoul, and Alana from @three_degrees_of_Love Divination as they discuss the new Wisdom of Pooh Tarot, another amazing Rue and Vervain production!!

Wisdom of Pooh Collab!

Join Dawn Michelle for a look at this amazing Christoper Robin edition of the Wisdom of Pooh Tarot from Rue & Vervain. We’ll take a look at the cards, see what it pairs with in my collection and do a quick reading! 

Dawn Michelle Tarot

Join Ethony as she unboxes her Christopher Robin box set for the Wisdom of Pooh Tarot.


Watch Lisa as she does an unboxing and gives her first impressions of the Wisdom of Pooh Tarot.

Lisa papez

Watch as Dani Mystic unboxes and gives her first impression on the Wisdom of Pooh Tarot!

Dani Mystic