About Rue & Vervain

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To Our Illustrators & Writers: We deeply value our team of illustrators and writers. As a small, independent publishing house, we have committed to treating each with compassion and respect and ensuring they are properly compensated and credited. It is their art which make these amazing decks and publications possible. Afterall, without them, there would be no “us”.

To The Earth: We are committed to providing eco-friendly, carbon-neutral options for all of our decks and publications and are always looking for vendors that share that commitment. We strive to continuously learn how we can do better and improve as we grow to ensure we are working with our beautiful planet and not against it.

To Our Customers: We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products. If there is a quality issue with any deck or publication your receive from our website, please let us know so that we may have the opportunity make it right. (We cannot guarantee products purchased outside our website).

At Rue & Vervain, we believe that the journey to self-discovery and enlightenment is an endlessly fascinating one. Our passion lies in creating works that awaken your intuition, expand your consciousness, and explore the extraordinary tapestry of existence.

Whether you are a seeker, a dreamer, or a witch, we offer publications, tarot decks, and oracles that can help comfort and guide you into the mystical, the mysterious, and beyond.

Our Committment

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That we are human and not machines - we must take time to rest and rejuvenate.

We are a small business, not a faceless corporation - remember there are people on the other end of these transactions.

We cannot please everyone - no matter how hard we try.

We work very hard and always strive to show compassion and respect to others, and we deserve the same in return.

To Ourselves: We are a sister owned business and we have made a commitment to remind each other regularly: 

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"Earthing" card from the Earth, Moon, & Shadow Oracle